Michael Gove vs The Lefty Academics – Let Battle Continue!

Gove vs the Lefties
Gove vs the Lefties

Michael Gove’s scrap with the Lefty Academics over the causes of the First World War seems to be running out of steam, but fear not!

Here are eight other centenaries for them to argue about in 2014.

1814: the Fall of Napoleon.

Lefty Academics say: Socially-mobile Corsican defeated by forces of conservatism.
Michael Gove says: European Super-state Quashed.

1714: The Hanoverian Succession: George I arrives from Germany to take the British Crown.

LA: George Frederick Handel brings radical Germanic art-pop to London.
MG: Immigrant takes British job.

1614: Christianity Banned in Japan.

LA: Invasive colonial religion forced out of innocent land of peace.
MG: War on Christians. Gay marriage next?

1514: Sultan Selim I of the Ottoman Empire defeats Shah Ismail I of Persia.

LA: War in the Middle East. Tony Blair’s fault.
MG: War in the Middle East. Tony Blair’s fault.

1414: Sir John Oldcastle’s Rebellion, England.

LA: Lollards nursing legitimate grievances after years of discrimination.
MG: Religious minorities show unwillingness to integrate.

1314: Battle of Bannockburn.

LA: Peace-loving Scots defeat Evil British Empire.
MG: Ungrateful Scots fail to appreciate future benefits of Union.

1214: King John of England invades France.

LA: Great leader shows commitment to Europe.
MG: Great leader tackles statist French menace.

1014: Canute takes throne of England.

LA: Government finally commits to action on rising sea levels.
MG: Immigrant takes British job.

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