Oxford University to Announce Online ‘Game of Thrones’ History Course

dept-logoThis story will hit the press tomorrow, but I wanted readers of The Social Historian to be the first to know some exciting news from my day job.

In the last three months my colleages at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education have been working towards creating a new, short online course entitled ‘From Westeros to Westminster: Game of Thrones and English History, 1300-1600’.

Full details will be announced shortly, but the ten-week accredited course (worth 10 CATS points) will ask students to think about what the political and social history of the George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world can tell us about the very real history of late-medieval and Tudor England.

How do the houses of Lannister and Stark compare to those of Lancaster and York? Is devolving power to great families the best way to control the unruly North? Was Littlefinger more like Thomas Cromwell or Cardinal Wolsey? How did powerful women negotiate such a fundamentally misogynist world? Is medieval Scotland best represented by the King-beyond-the-Wall, or the White Walkers?

The course will commence next April. Full bursaries will be available.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. LoisD says:

    Great April Fool!

  2. Yes, this indeed an April Fool (I did leave a little clue in the text). Quite a few people have told me they think this is a great idea though. The campaign to my employers starts here…

  3. James Smith says:

    Haha hilarious to hear this, who would have thought 🙂

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