An Idiot’s Guide to the EUSSR

As we approach the European and local elections, and as the Ukip juggernaut rolls on, we’ll be hearing a lot of chat about the ‘EUSSR’, that evil empire that many Ukip voters actually do believe exists.

To be fair, if you think that talking about shooting gays is acceptable, or that all Romanian men are criminals, or that speaking English as an additional language is the same thing as not speaking English, then all this complex political and diplomatic history can get a bit confusing.

So here, for the knuckle-draggers at Farage Towers, is a nice handy guide to help you tell your ECB from your CCCP, and your Brezhnev from your Brussels.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Juncker says:

    You need to open up your mind

  2. Juncker says:

    Moderation? Free speech?

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