Seventeenth-Century Problems!

Just because they happen to people in woodcuts, doesn’t mean they’re not real.

Stay safe, people.

1. When everyone starts dancing to ‘Saturday Night Fever’, but you can’t join in.

Dance from Grease

2. When the local witch won’t let you borrow her paddling pool. 

Witch in the paddling pool

3. When you can’t quite remember if you turned the oven off. 

Witches destroying a house by fire, Swabia in 1533, illustration from 'Compendium Maleficarum' by Francesco Maria Guazzo, 1608 (woodcut)

4. When you take your pet bird for some fresh air, and he shits on your hand. 


5. When even the local pig is disappointed in you. 

Disappointed pig

6. When you forget how to use your trousers. 


7. When that creepy weird guy crashes your party…

Creepy weird guy

8. … and when he talks to you, all night….

Creepy Weird Guy II

9. …. And then brings all his weird mates. 

Creepy Weird Guy III

10. When you take your dog to get his shots, and the vet mishears you. Face-palm!


11. When it’s standing-room only all the way to effing Reading.

No room

12. When you fart at tea-time, and then no-one will talk to you.


13. When you pay to watch wrestling, and all they do is tickle each other. 

Tickle Wars

14. When you end up in a nightclub that’s really, really weird.


15. When you fell on top of it in the shower. Honest.


16. No really, you did. 

Definitely fell over

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  1. LolaD says:

    Are you quoting from experience, Jon? 😉

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